About us


We feel pleased to introduce our company as a boutique style Luxury Travel Designer, priding itself in personalized and tailor made travel service, operated by a team of professionals with a tremendous wealth of experience in the travel industry.

Ejazat Group is located in Kuwait city, and was founded on 2011 based on more than 20 years of solid cumulative luxury travel experience of the founder. Over the years, we have continued to grow and adapt to the ever-changing elite travel industry.

However, one thing has remained the same. That is, 

"Our commitment to supplying our customers with the highest level of personal service and the best travel values available"

 "Luxury Travel Designer"


Our company has provided peace of mind to our clients, that they are working with a travel agency which not only provides personalized service and expertise, but which is committed to delivering an experience unlike any other.

The following four factors are the main basis of our continuous success:

    • Travel Suppliers

Ejazat Group has created an indelible bond with the industry’s most trusted travel suppliers with whom we have built strong relationships on your behalf.

We do not just help you realize your dream itinerary or tailor-make a dream journey for you. We are also in daily touch with our regional partners across the world. People who have the professionalism and local knowledge to guide on the ground; making sure your holiday is the ultimate travel experience.

    • Associated Hotels

In order to guarantee best rates and add-on values for our elite customers, we created strong bonds and deals with the world most luxuries hotel chains.

Those hotels were perfectly selected to match and exceed our customers’ expectations and requirements.

Get surprised when booking one of our associated hotels.

Complete list of hotels

    • Our Staff

Our staff of professionals is dedicated not only to their jobs, but also to servicing and taking care of every customer.

Each travel consultant is screened and handpicked to ensure a “Loyal Heart” and someone who desires to assist you and who anticipates all of your travel needs. 

What more, all of our travel consultants have a minimum of 10 years’ experience and are highly proficient at complicated travel scenarios.

    • Responsible Travel Agency

We believe responsible tourism is a better way to see the world. Not the authentic experience you get, but also your holiday benefits local people and the environment.

Responsible tourism aimed at maximizing economic, social and environmental benefits and minimizing costs to destinations. Simply, Responsible tourism is tourism ‘that creates better places for people to live in, and better places to visit’. 

A responsible tourism approach aims to achieve the triple-bottom line outcomes of sustainable development, environmental integrity and social justice.

How can I be a responsible traveler?